• Panel 2Moderierte Diskussion von Avneesh Singh (Daisy Consortium, Neu Delhi/Indien), George Kerscher und Richard Orme (Daisy Consortium, Warwick/UK) zum Thema “Practical Tools for Accessible Study Materials“.

Regulations, standards and guidelines are essential, but not effective without proper implementation. There must also be real world application to bring the benefits to learners with disabilities. In this session colleagues from the DAISY Consortium will introduce and demonstrate practical resources and solutions to make accessibility a reality. You want to create, procure, or download accessible books and publications? You will learn about tools that will help you do this. You want to offer students accessible ways to read publications? You will learn about what makes a reading systems accessible, how to make your own evaluations, and which tools are available today. And for tomorrow when there are new possibilities? You can find out how to keep up to date with the latest developments, and to participate in this revolution of accessible learning.



Workshop Content will not be translated. Panel 2 will be held in English, Panel 1 in German.